What isAdBlue®

For more eco-friendly treatment of diesel exhaust emissions

AdBlue®is 32.5 percent urea aqueous solution used for the urea SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system in diesel engines. The exhaust from diesel vehicles contains nitrogen oxides (NOx) causing air pollution. The high-quality urea aqueous solution AdBlue® decomposes NOx to nitrogen and water and reduces air pollution.

Urea SCR system for diesel engines



The basic structure consists of two stages in the catalyst processes to purify exhaust gas. The first oxidation catalyst detoxifies carbon hydride and carbon monoxide. Next, AdBlue® is added to nitrogen oxides and the SCR catalyst detoxifies them. AdBlue® is made by dissolving urea in pure water to become ammonia when injected into high-temperature exhaust gas. The ammonia and nitrogen oxides react chemically with the SCR catalyst to form harmless nitrogen and water.



For quality products and a stable supply

Corporate name :Shinnihon Kasei Co.,Ltd.
Address :9039 Goi, Ichihara-city,
Chiba, 260-0015, Japan
Tel :+81-436-25-2300
FAX :+81-436-25-3603
Personnel in charge :Mr.Noguchi and Mr.Mori

Our AdBlue® manufacturing plant is located in Ichihara-city, Chiba. The wide variety of product delivery forms includes tank trucks, 1-kiloliter containers, 200-liter drums, and bag-in-boxes to satisfy customer requests. In addition, we deploy facilities in major locations of the Kanto region to meet increasing demand in the future. The sales system is thus established for quick response to customer demand.

List of stock locations
  • Goi, Ichihara-city, Chiba
  • Atsugi-city, Kanagawa
  • Saitama-city, Saitama (to be deployed)
  • Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki (to be deployed)

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