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【Handling of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)】
Shinnihon Kasei Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the Company) aims to achieve customer satisfaction and gain confidence in the company by providing excellent products and services. For this purpose, we will properly use all customer information provided to us, including the name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number that can be used to identify an individual (hereinafter “Personal Information”). As part of our privacy policy, we will implement the following precautions to ensure the appropriate protection and handling of Personal Information.

  1. The Company assigns a person who shall be responsible for the protection of Personal Information and who shall ensure that all board members and employees thoroughly comply with the policy as part of proper administration.
  2. When customers provide Personal Information, the Company shall use such information only to the extent for which we have consent.
  3. The Company will not disclose Personal Information to any third parties without obtaining the relevant person’s consent, except in the following cases:

When operations are outsourced to an affiliate to achieve the purpose of use as described above. In this case, the Company shall implement the necessary precautions to ensure that the relevant company implements strict controls and uses the information only for the intended purpose.
When a judicial, ministerial, or similar governmental organization makes a request for information disclosure.

  1. The Company shall implement technical and administrative precautions to ensure the proper, reasonable protection and storage of Personal Information in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and leakage. The Personal Information is stored for the period the Company determines is necessary.
  2. The company shall observe all relevant laws and regulations and other practices.
  3. The company shall review and improve the precautions regarding the protection of Personal Information to meet variations in the social environment.

【Links to web pages outside Shinnihon Kasei Co., Ltd.】
We assume no responsibility for Personal Information with regard to linked websites owned by other companies or individuals.

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